My name is Chris and welcome to Minimalings. This platform has been created to support individuals, families and teams live a more fulfilling life with less. 

Life is complex. We are always on the go. We are consumed by countless distractions, constant comparisons and too much stuff can make us lose focus on whats important. Having a minimalist mindset can help design a bespoke lifestyle that works for you in any context of life. Remove the things that no longer add value to make room for unlocking the best version of you.

My Story

Right now, I am a minimalist, coach, speaker and career mentor but it didnt used to be that way. Quite content drifting through life in the comfort zone, I was collecting stuff, not exactly the stuff I wanted to collect but stuff none the less. I had a whole bunch of aspirations but managed to build a prison around them with a stack of unconscious decisions made down the years. My collection included debt, too many clothes, negative self fulfilling prophecies, assumptions, comparisons, unused 'just in case' items and a fixed mindset that kept me at just the right level of safe. I lived month to month but I wasnt really living at all.

Part of the journey to climb my way out of the self made ceiling was learning how to let go. By letting go of the stuff I had accumulated over the years, I had started to create a new path to make room to do the things I really wanted to do. One of those things was travel, so in order to do that, I had to hit the reset button on my life. I sold everything that no longer added value, quit my job and replaced the mental clutter with new knowledge and experiences. As the stuff was carefully extracted, I started to curate a bespoke lifestyle and with those experiences came a level of growth and realisation that I could achieve so much more and live quite happily with less. 

I now layer a bespoke minimalist lifestyle across all areas of my life from the home, to career to hobbies, relationships and decisions. I also gain great value in supporting others through their own journey and sharing my experiences of the benefits of minimalism, hence why minimalings was born.  I'm hoping this platform offers some value to you and the 'stuff' here resonates and inspires. 

Chris Lovett

Minimalist - Coach - Speaker - Writer

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